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August 03rd, 2010

YMR Artists Perform at Summer Camp!

On July 27th nearly 300 kids filed into an auditorium at their summer camp at Head Royce School in Oakland, not knowing what (or WHO) they were about to witness. Little did they know that they were about to be introduced to Youth Movement Records (a promo video), watch musical performances by YMR artists Greater Than One and Emily Moldy, and see fresh choreography from local hip hop dance team Urban Prodigy.

BUT the thing that they expected the LEAST was to have a surprise, guest appearance from one of their very own camp counselors, and one of YMR's very own All-Stars... Princeton.

Princeton, a YMR Pop/R&B artist of 2 years, had been working at Head Royce school's summer camp all summer long and was well known to the hundreds of campers, ages K-5, as "Buddha." But when the curtain fell and Princeton came out onto the stage... singing Lady Gaga, rockin' sequins and glitter with a mic in his hand, they almost didn't recognize him.

Princeton and the other performers blew away the audience to the point where most all of 300 of the kids flooded the stage, asking for the artists to sign their shirts, hands, foreheads... and anything else they could think of. Check out the pix!

July 15th, 2010

Industry Insider Series - DJ Amplive

DJ Amplive of Zion-I lets us in on the TRUTH of the music industry... "It's not just about the music, you have to be professional and you have to know your business..." Watch the video below for more and let us know what you think!

July 14th, 2010

AJ Thrower Speaks on Hip Hop

AJ Thrower speaks on his relationship to Hip Hop and how he wants to bring it back to being sincere. Check out AJ's words and ideas... shared in a Hip Hop workshop at this year's U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, MI.

May 07th, 2010

YMR Presents Ise Lyfe's "Pistols & Prayers" May 21st-23rd in the Black Box Theater at the Fox

Lyfe Productives (LP) and Hot Water Cornbread (HWC), in association with Youth Movement Records (YMR), have channeled their artistic resources to present “Pistols and Prayers,” a profound performance piece interweaving Spoken Word, African-American Folk Spirituals, Classical Music and Hip-Hop onto one stage at the Historic Fox Theater in celebration of the African Diaspora!

Written and directed by nationally renowned Spoken Word Hip-Hop Theater Artist Ise Lyfe, "Pistols and Prayers" is a powerful poetic collage of sociopolitical commentary, blended with a glimpse into his coming of age as a man, artist, and advocate for social change. A stage piece based on the newly published self-titled book by one of the nation's greatest young writers, “Pistols and Prayers” is an impressive production accompanied musically by the African-American folk spirituals of internationally renowned artist Melanie Demore, young Master Cellist, Michael Fecskes and radio personality/deejay DC Coleman from KMEL’s 106.1FM.

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October 13th, 2009

Freestyle Workshop Featured on XLR8R TV!

XLR8R.com team drops in on a freestyle workshop, led by co-instructors K.E.V. and Doseone. Dose brings special guest, Jel, a bandmate from Anticon. Check out the video!

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September 15th, 2006

PRESS - Rapping for a cause -- how one Oakland label is making a new sound

By Eric Arnold | Special to the SF Chronicle

Hip-hop has been linked to many things, most of them negative: drugs, crime, sex, foul language, bling-bling materialism. Similarly, rap music is not usually thought of as a tool for education, positive reinforcement or mentorship. But attendees of tomorrow's "Paid in Full 2" concert at the Fillmore will witness evidence to the contrary, when opening act Youth Movement Records take the stage.

The nonprofit artist-operated record company, based in Oakland, is proof that the so-called hyphy generation isn't all about goin' dumb, ghost-riding the whip, or doing the thizz-face. Although you may not know it from listening to commercial radio or watching music video shows, today's youth are equally concerned with social issues and expressing themselves in a positive, realistic manner. And with all the recent media attention around Oakland's rising homicide rate, and the disproportionate numbers of young people affected by street violence, YMR is one of the few bright spots countering the grim statistics.

Read original article at: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/09/15/DDGHQL51DE1.DTL#ixzz0c3icp0OG

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