Program Description

Youth Movement Records works with more than 400 youth per year at our main production location in downtown Oakland, at the RYSE Center in Richmond and around the Bay Area through special events and workshops. There are several key areas that comprise the YMR program model:

Music Education & Artistic Development
Projects-based classes and workshops are the foundation of YMR’s music education and artistic development. Current class offerings include Presente! (YMR’s introductory consciousness raising and media literacy course), Artist Development, Audio Engineering, DJ’ing, Ensemble Performance, Electronic Music Production, Freestyle, Video Production and Vocal Training.

Youth Movement All-Stars
YMR’s advanced performance troupe and production crew hosts 10-12 events annually, releases compilation CD’s, produces music videos and performs extensively. YMR has sent All-Stars to Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, Providence, New Orleans, Chicago and Guatemala as performers, facilitators and cultural ambassadors.

The Artist Development Award
In partnership with the Grammy’s (San Francisco Chapter of the Recording Academy), this prestigious award provides one Youth Movement All-Star with a college scholarship and the opportunity to work closely with a team of music industry professionals.

The Musical Mentoring Project
This project bridges an inter-generational connection between emerging youth artists and successful music industry professionals. Through hands-on collaboration, young artists learn the craft of songwriting, as well as fundamentals about the business of music.

Professional Internship Program
YMR offers ongoing internships for youth in studio management, event production, meeting facilitation, web development, marketing/promotion and fundraising/grant writing. Each summer, YMR connects youth to internships with community partners such as Music for America, Studio 880, On Point Productions, Om Records and many other great businesses and organizations.

Video Production & Social Documentary Projects
YMR has a growing library of original short documentary pieces to raise awareness around critical issues as they relate to urban youth of color. Topics include: the impact of violence on the lives of young artists (Dedication), one youth’s path to the Iraq war (Return Ticket from Baghdad), a profile of an emerging artist who is a Sudanese Refugee (Small Places) and the struggle of a singer/songwriter fighting to bring political self-determination for her people (Much to Do).

Campaigns & Special Projects
YMR has its greatest community impact through our local, national and international strategic partnerships and collaborations. Current collaborations include:

Masculinity Project
(ITVS/Firelight Media/ for Public Broadcasting, Ford Foundation): addressing the prevalence of sexism, materialism and violence in current mainstream music

Amnesty International: raising awareness about the genocide in Sudan

RYSE Center, Richmond, CA: YMR is the Media-Arts anchor organization for this newly opened multi-purpose youth center

Beats, Rhymes & Life (BRL): a therapeutic school-based program that uses music as a means of engagement and personal expression

All-Ages Movement Project (AMP): YMR is a founding member of this national network of youth music spaces and organizations. In 2009, AMP is releasing a book nationally that will provide support and inspiration to organizers interested in developing programs in their own communities.