February 02nd, 2011

All-ages Music Symposium & AMP'd! concert February 20th

The All-ages Music Symposium & AMP'd! Concert unites allies of all-ages events and venues for music and art in the Bay Area

Oakland, CA (January 26, 2011) - Youth Movement Records (YMR) in association with the All-ages Movement Project (AMP) presents an afternoon of dynamic mobilizing conversations to generate momentum for the local all-ages movement through education and music, Sunday, February 20, 2011 at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley. The All-ages Music Symposium commences at 4PM and will feature a panel discussion and break out sessions amongst representatives from government and policy, media, community organizations as well as venue owners, promoters, artists, parents and fans about the viability of an all-ages music scene in the Bay Area. The evening will culminate in a production that epitomizes the movement, uniting artists of different genres and ages at the AMP'd! concert.

December 08th, 2010

Event Budgeting Company Meeting

By Emily Moldenhauer

What’s up YMR fam! Hope this fall season has been fun, productive, and positive for you... This past week we had our last Company Meeting of this Fall Season and we’re here to sum it up for you in case you missed it! You can thank us later :) Check it out..

*The meeting went a lil’ something like this* :

It was a Monday evening on December 6th, 2010.We all filed into the Band Room here at YMR and grubbed on some fine dining (aka the usual Company Meeting snacks; chips and juice boxes). The topic for this Monday’s meeting was EVENT BUDGETING so to get our clocks tickin' in the right direction, our Check-in Question was to describe either what we'd do if we won the lottery, or to describe an event that we’ve been to that was whack and why. Then we went onto the “What’s New?” status updates here at YMR and then learned about all the different terms and definitions having to do with Budgeting for Events before getting deeper into the meeting, by working on a budget for YMR Spring Mixtape Release Event! Using an online spreadsheet projected on the wall, we as a group collectively learned how to budget for the future event! It was very informative and helpful for all of us art-appreciating people who wish to plan events in the future. For a better idea as to how it all went check out some Power Point slides of notes from the Company Meeting below!

September 22nd, 2010

YMR Kicks off its New Fall Season with EnterACTION: YMR's Community Open House!

By Emily Moldy

After spending this summer doing a lot of reflecting, restructuring and redefining what Youth Movement Records stands for as an organization, YMR was excited and ready to kick off its new 2010 season last week, with an all-welcoming, open house, community event called EnterACTION. Last Wednesday, on September 15th, YMR staff, participants new and old, and community members all gathered here at OSA where YMR is housed, to meet, eat, and get the inside scoop on what YMR is all about and how cool it really is...

Modeled like an Open House, this event included tours through the facilities given by some true YMR all-star charmer-tour guides, a chance to check out mini- presentations of our music and media-arts workshops, live performances from YMR artists Styna Swagg and Princeton, an opportunity to meet YMR staff and instructors and network with other community members, a raffle... and of course, FOOD!

From performances from YMR artists, to the Music Production workshop, check out pictures from the event below!

^Jamal showing off his DJ skills & keeping everyone on a good one with his spinning!

August 10th, 2010

YMR and Clear Channel Radio: A Successful Love Story

By Emily Moldy
Today a group of YMR artists and members got the chance to take a tour through the San Francisco building of one of the world's largest radio networks and companies; Clear Channel Radio. With an expert in the inner workings of the company, 94.9 On-Air Personality Christie, as our guide we got to see up close and personal what happens behind the scenes of this multi-billion dollar industry which reaches all of us. From the Music Director, to the hosts of KMEL and Wild 94.9 stations and more YMR youth got to shake hands with professionals and get advice on how to get on the radio, and play the game of the Music Industry.
Some "take home" messages, or words of wisdom that they left us with were: To get out there, be yourself (be real), follow up, be ready (professional) and don't give up!

July 16th, 2010

Desperate times call for creative minds!

--By Emily Moldy

If you don't know them for their dope music or community activism here in Oakland, you should recognize them from blogs about the U.S. Social Forum (on YMR's website which you should be checking out daily!) They are: AJ Thrower (YMR) and Tania Pulido (RYSE)... and they are two of many Bay Area youth who attended this year's U.S. Social Forum, where they spent time with thousands of other artists, activists, and like-minded folks who are SERIOUSLY ready to change the world..

It's true that now, more than ever, young folks have a powerful voice in movement towards changing our worlds. Here at YMR we talk a lot about movement (like "youth movement" "social movement", etc).. but what exactly is this movement? Where is it going? What does it look like?

This past Monday, YMR hosted a meeting in the lab for anyone to come and listen to what AJ, Tania, and YMR's Video Coordinator, Dan Reilly had to say about their journey to the East Coast to represent YMR at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, MI. They brought back with them a contagious energy talking about being creative to make changes in their communities, neighborhoods, and throughout the country. Bono of U2 once said, "This is a time for bold measures. This is the country, and you are the generation.” Imagine if we actually came together with our art (whatever form of art that may be) to use as both our medicine for healing and weapon for resistance, and imagine if we got to brainstorming... we really could run this town.

March 26th, 2010

Project VERT: The Final Stretch

VERT is a potential collaboration between Youth Movement Records and Hood Games. VERT is up to win a $25k grant from Pepsi in order to create a skate & multimedia arts events series for the youth in Oakland. We hope that these events can help position us to find a long-term venue for young people to engage in fun, safe, activities when not in school. We envision our big goal as an indoor skate park and performance venue that caters to the youth in the Bay that are consistently left out of music and places to hang out because they haven't reached the age of 21. Watch our video below and see for more info!

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