Tania Pulido

February 14th, 2011

Member of the Month - February 2011

By Tania Pulido

During the month of February, love is being celebrated all over the country. Here at YMR, we are highlighting the legacy of a youth whose big heart touched our community. Tyree Brown had an unforgettable smile with a personality to match. He was involved in the Media, Arts, & Culture Program (MAC) at the RYSE Center in Richmond, California. For about a year and a half, Tyree worked tirelessly as a rapper, audio engineer, and producer. Unfortunately, Tyree recently passed away just weeks before his 17th birthday. In honor of Tyree Brown, please check out the video as he is remembered by Fred Thomas, MAC Program Coordinator at RYSE!

January 17th, 2011

Member of the Month - January 2011

By Tania Pulido

Happy New Year! As 2011 unfolds, talent at Youth Movement Records continues to grow. With the new year rolling in, many of us are still thinking about our resolutions but Ben White a three-year member of YMR is fulfilling his long-time dreams of becoming an MC, Producer and DJ. His involvement with YMR has opened up many opportunities to learn and develop his skills. Now at the age of 21, Ben's single "How Much I've Grown" reflects on his growth by emphasizing both his past and future. While his stage name "Watzreal" was originally a just screen name for an online poker game, don't be fooled-- he is no joke. His dedication has got him successfully to his 3rd year at San Francisco State University, studying Child & Adolescent Development, and made him this month's Member Of The Month!

Name: Watzreal
Age: 21
Craft: MC, Producer, DJ
Loves: Old school hip hop, Listening to undiscovered talent, Working with children, Learning unconventional information, ReverbNation, Chegg, My girlfriend Rowena and our cat Riley
Hates: H.A.M., Olives, Heavy Metal, Tuition Fees
Inspirations: My parents as well as my fans
Something Weird: My rap name was originally a screen name for online poker

Ben's talent surprisingly emerged from promoting other artists' music. It was through that process and with the help of a friend that he discovered the many talents he now shares with all of us. Watzreal uses his music to express himself to the world with lyrics of intelligence, a style he proudly owns. Ben's music is inspired by rappers such as Jay-Z, NAS, Eminem, and Rakim, as well as some underground artists. What sets Watzreal's music apart is the challenge he rises to creatively write about his life versus the all-too-common themes in mainstream hip hop such as sex, women and money. Ben continuously thrives to improve his craft, not only for himself, but the people in his community and his loved ones.

December 08th, 2010

Member of the Month - December 2010

By Emily Moldenhauer

Happy Holidays Everyone! and Season’s Greetings from YMR..
As November has come and gone, and the Fall season is coming to an end, it’s about that time again for another edition of Youth Movement Records’ MEMBER OF THE MONTH; a relatively new monthly feature where we recognize and honor members who are positively contributing to the life, art, and flavor of this organization. We started off with the rapper/emcee, Miss LLDB back in October, then shined the light on the mad beat-making and engineering skills of Sir Alex Wesley aka Fat Boi (or Snacks) for November... and this month, for December, we’re dedicating to paying our respects to the activist, community leader, and beautiful soul of the East Bay, Tania Pulido!!! To find out more information about Tania read her bio below or check out her video interview made by the media makers and soul-shakers of YMR!

NAME: Tania Pulido
AGE: 21 years old
CRAFT: Video Producer, Social Documentarian, Community Activist
LOVES: Gardening, long skirts, her community, grass-roots organizing
HATES: Evil oil companies (such as Chevron) who pollute under-resourced communities
INSPIRATIONS: Amy Goodman, and all grass-roots social activists
SOMETHING WEIRD: She is a master hula-hooper

Born and raised in Richmond, California, Tania Pulido was what some may have referred to as an “at risk youth" back in her teenage years. But when the reality of Richmond’s toxic climate crisis (which was causing high rates of sickness and poor health within the community) became too real to ignore, she dedicated her life to stopping environmental and social injustice, and began using the art of activism to uplift herself. Now an activist, organizer, and leader in her community, she currently is working as Program Coordinator at Urban Tilth, (a Richmond non-profit manifesting a more sustainable and just food system). Tania went from being a youth participant to receiving a leadership position on staff at YMR’s sister organization, RYSE Center, as a Media and Arts assistant program coordinator. It was through this position that she joined us here at YMR-Oakland as a program assistant.

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November 08th, 2010

Green For All Academy Training

Hello beautiful people of the East Bay my name is Tania Pulido and on November 3-6th I attended a Green for All Academy training. I underwent the training with 23 other very diverse individuals from all over country. We all came together for various reasons, primarily around green jobs. The Green for All Academy aims to spread and support climate change solutions and uplift a green economy in America.

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November 05th, 2010

Mixtape Release Company Meeting

Hello beautiful people of Oakland, my name is Tania and I am going to break down our last Youth Movement Record company meeting for those who missed out! We started the first day of November listening to the Youth Movement Records mixtape that was recorded this past spring. The meeting was oriented around mixtapes, from defining a mixtape, the differences between mixtapes and albums, mixtape strategies and critically analyzing our own.

What is your favorite mixtape? Was one of the questions asked to start the momentum, Drake- So Far Gone mixtape was very popular amongst folks. What is a mixtape? It’s a compilation of songs that are recorded and show the artist style and ability. What is the difference between a mixtape and an album? A mixtape is typically used for promotional purposes, and can include freestyles over another rapper's beat, remixes, and songs not found on the major release, or album. What are mixtape strategies? In the words of one of the hottest cats out there, Drake, "A mixtape can't be the songs that don't make your album, or songs that aren't good enough to make your album make your mixtape…

June 26th, 2010

US Social Forum 2010 Impressions - Night 4

After the last full day at the US Social Forum 2010, check out the key points, thoughts and ideas that this year's YMR representatives will be taking back home to the Bay Area.

What is the US Social Forum?

June 25th, 2010

US Social Forum 2010 Impressions - Night 3

Check out Dan Reilly (Video Coordinator), AJ Thrower (YMR youth representative & emcee), Tania Pulido's (YMR youth representative via RYSE Center) thoughts on Day 3 of the US Social Forum in Detroit. Looks like a lot of lessons, connections, historical accounts, and energy were shared, see for yourself, below!

What is the US Social Forum?

June 23rd, 2010

A New World is Possible Another US is Necessary- USSF

By Tania Pulido

“A New World is Possible Another US is Necessary” is this year slogan for the 2010 US Social Forum at Detroit, Michigan.

Since my community activism began it seems as if pieces of my life puzzle are finally coming together. As a youth involved with the RYSE Center and YMR (Youth Movement Records) I have been lucky enough to meet phenomenal individuals and be part of a youth movement in the East Bay. This year they gave me the opportunity to attend the US Social Forum in Detroit, Michigan. 

I will attend a series of workshops throughout my time in Detroit. Ranging from spirituality, social justice, to environment justice and so on. I hope to gain a dept of knowledge across many boards. Listen to stories of people fighting against oppression in their communities. Learn from elders and youth alike who are active and organizing. I am looking forward to being inspired and having a re-energizing spirit by the end of it all. It’s hard sometimes to keep faith when you feel the negativity from your own people.

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June 23rd, 2010

US Social Forum 2010 Impressions - Night 2

Check out what AJ Thrower (YMR youth artist representative), Fred Thomas (RYSE Media Coordinator), Tania Pulido (YMR youth representative via the RYSE Center) and Dan Reilly (Video Coordinator) have to say about the first full day of the US Social Forum 2010. For comments on the hot/rainy weather, insightful statements, key takeaways, and expectations for the rest of the social forum, see their vlogs below.

What is the US Social Forum?