September 24th, 2010

Tips For a Successful Photo Shoot

What's up Everybody!
It has been a successful first week of programming here at YMR but like always WE WANT TO SEE MORE OF YOUR FACES AT WORKSHOPS! Just a reminder that THIS NEXT MONDAY we are having a photo shoot during our Company Meeting, this Monday 9/27!


1. BE PROMPT!!!: Photographers love when they can start and end on time.
Makes working go smoother

2. Communication: Explain to the photographer what your vision is so that
he/ she could best get your point across as close as possible and maybe even
exactly how you want it.

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September 22nd, 2010

YMR Kicks off its New Fall Season with EnterACTION: YMR's Community Open House!

By Emily Moldy

After spending this summer doing a lot of reflecting, restructuring and redefining what Youth Movement Records stands for as an organization, YMR was excited and ready to kick off its new 2010 season last week, with an all-welcoming, open house, community event called EnterACTION. Last Wednesday, on September 15th, YMR staff, participants new and old, and community members all gathered here at OSA where YMR is housed, to meet, eat, and get the inside scoop on what YMR is all about and how cool it really is...

Modeled like an Open House, this event included tours through the facilities given by some true YMR all-star charmer-tour guides, a chance to check out mini- presentations of our music and media-arts workshops, live performances from YMR artists Styna Swagg and Princeton, an opportunity to meet YMR staff and instructors and network with other community members, a raffle... and of course, FOOD!

From performances from YMR artists, to the Music Production workshop, check out pictures from the event below!

^Jamal showing off his DJ skills & keeping everyone on a good one with his spinning!

August 10th, 2010

YMR and Clear Channel Radio: A Successful Love Story

By Emily Moldy
Today a group of YMR artists and members got the chance to take a tour through the San Francisco building of one of the world's largest radio networks and companies; Clear Channel Radio. With an expert in the inner workings of the company, 94.9 On-Air Personality Christie, as our guide we got to see up close and personal what happens behind the scenes of this multi-billion dollar industry which reaches all of us. From the Music Director, to the hosts of KMEL and Wild 94.9 stations and more YMR youth got to shake hands with professionals and get advice on how to get on the radio, and play the game of the Music Industry.
Some "take home" messages, or words of wisdom that they left us with were: To get out there, be yourself (be real), follow up, be ready (professional) and don't give up!

August 03rd, 2010

YMR Artists Perform at Summer Camp!

On July 27th nearly 300 kids filed into an auditorium at their summer camp at Head Royce School in Oakland, not knowing what (or WHO) they were about to witness. Little did they know that they were about to be introduced to Youth Movement Records (a promo video), watch musical performances by YMR artists Greater Than One and Emily Moldy, and see fresh choreography from local hip hop dance team Urban Prodigy.

BUT the thing that they expected the LEAST was to have a surprise, guest appearance from one of their very own camp counselors, and one of YMR's very own All-Stars... Princeton.

Princeton, a YMR Pop/R&B artist of 2 years, had been working at Head Royce school's summer camp all summer long and was well known to the hundreds of campers, ages K-5, as "Buddha." But when the curtain fell and Princeton came out onto the stage... singing Lady Gaga, rockin' sequins and glitter with a mic in his hand, they almost didn't recognize him.

Princeton and the other performers blew away the audience to the point where most all of 300 of the kids flooded the stage, asking for the artists to sign their shirts, hands, foreheads... and anything else they could think of. Check out the pix!

July 16th, 2010

Desperate times call for creative minds!

--By Emily Moldy

If you don't know them for their dope music or community activism here in Oakland, you should recognize them from blogs about the U.S. Social Forum (on YMR's website which you should be checking out daily!) They are: AJ Thrower (YMR) and Tania Pulido (RYSE)... and they are two of many Bay Area youth who attended this year's U.S. Social Forum, where they spent time with thousands of other artists, activists, and like-minded folks who are SERIOUSLY ready to change the world..

It's true that now, more than ever, young folks have a powerful voice in movement towards changing our worlds. Here at YMR we talk a lot about movement (like "youth movement" "social movement", etc).. but what exactly is this movement? Where is it going? What does it look like?

This past Monday, YMR hosted a meeting in the lab for anyone to come and listen to what AJ, Tania, and YMR's Video Coordinator, Dan Reilly had to say about their journey to the East Coast to represent YMR at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, MI. They brought back with them a contagious energy talking about being creative to make changes in their communities, neighborhoods, and throughout the country. Bono of U2 once said, "This is a time for bold measures. This is the country, and you are the generation.” Imagine if we actually came together with our art (whatever form of art that may be) to use as both our medicine for healing and weapon for resistance, and imagine if we got to brainstorming... we really could run this town.

July 15th, 2010

Industry Insider Series - DJ Amplive

DJ Amplive of Zion-I lets us in on the TRUTH of the music industry... "It's not just about the music, you have to be professional and you have to know your business..." Watch the video below for more and let us know what you think!

July 15th, 2010

YMR's AJ Thrower interviews Liberation Ink at U.S. Social Forum

Check out AJ's interview with Emunah Yunka Edinburgh from Bay Area's own Liberation Ink, a printing and design collective which makes & sells conscious shirts to support social justice organizations. At this year's U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, AJ connected with them to see what kind of work they're doing in our community and across the country. To find out more about liberation ink, go to http://www.liberationink.org

July 14th, 2010

AJ Thrower Speaks on Hip Hop

AJ Thrower speaks on his relationship to Hip Hop and how he wants to bring it back to being sincere. Check out AJ's words and ideas... shared in a Hip Hop workshop at this year's U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, MI.

July 12th, 2010

YMR Alum DJ CoolHand with G-Eazy

Youth Movement Records alum DJ CoolHand spins in Berkeley at La Pena with G-Eazy... Check out the mad skills of the artists on stage, and the ones behind the scenes who made this video...

July 01st, 2010

Emily Moldy: The Story of The Intern

What's Up World & YMR Family?!
Pleased to meet you. My name is Emily Moldenhauer (or Emily Moldy, since it's easier to remember... and pronounce) and
I'll be here at Youth Movement Records as the intern for the next 6 months...

My story is this: I'm a student at UC Santa Cruz and part of the Community Studies program... a program where I get to do an internship at a non-profit community organization for school credit. That is why I am here... to learn the ways of community organizing as well as to be around music and beautiful, musical people (like yourselves) as much as I can! I want to focus on learning ways that art can and IS being used as a tool for resistance, making change, opening people's minds, and allowing voices to be heard.

I am originally from San Diego but have lived in France, and then Santa Cruz in the past couple years. I am a musician; singer/songwriter, piano and guitar player, (wannabe) beat-maker (meaning I hope to be someday), poet, scatterbrained but music-mode thinker... and hopefully will keep growing to be much more, both as an artist and person. I love music of (mostly) all types... except for a few, and believe it is TRULY one of the most powerful things in the world.

For now, as the intern here I plan on doing some video-media work, be involved in the studio, help facilitate songwriting & guitar open labs with Andrea (MONDAY & WEDNESDAY, 1-3pm!!!), and WITH HOPES... get a chance to collaborate with the creative minds of the YMR youth!.. If that's you, know this: 1.) I am shy but am getting over it, 2.) I am your friend if you need it, 3.) If you are working on a track and need anything! such as backup vocals, ideas for a melody, help with the keys, etc.. COME FIND ME! I'll be around the office.... and 4.) Show me your songs, because I want to hear your stories and talents!

To Hear my music... Click HERE and check out my music myspace

Beautiful days to you all!