December 01st, 2010

New Music Video from Kurse Krew - "Don't Mess Wit"!

Check out the new music video for Don't Mess Wit by YMR All-Stars Kurse Krew!

Directed by Bigg Nappy of PhotoFittness; Music Producer - S.K.A.L.A.; Executive Producer - Rob Reason; Song ft. on "BLESSINGS OF THE KURSE" mixtape [to purchase, go to http://www.cdbaby.com/AlbumDetails.aspx?AlbumID=kursekrew]

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November 05th, 2010

Mixtape Release Company Meeting

Hello beautiful people of Oakland, my name is Tania and I am going to break down our last Youth Movement Record company meeting for those who missed out! We started the first day of November listening to the Youth Movement Records mixtape that was recorded this past spring. The meeting was oriented around mixtapes, from defining a mixtape, the differences between mixtapes and albums, mixtape strategies and critically analyzing our own.

What is your favorite mixtape? Was one of the questions asked to start the momentum, Drake- So Far Gone mixtape was very popular amongst folks. What is a mixtape? It’s a compilation of songs that are recorded and show the artist style and ability. What is the difference between a mixtape and an album? A mixtape is typically used for promotional purposes, and can include freestyles over another rapper's beat, remixes, and songs not found on the major release, or album. What are mixtape strategies? In the words of one of the hottest cats out there, Drake, "A mixtape can't be the songs that don't make your album, or songs that aren't good enough to make your album make your mixtape…