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March 15th, 2011

Member of the Month - March 2011

By Emily Moldenhauer

Though born in Palm Springs CA, Dee Wilson considers himself a Bay Area native, where he was raised and has found an artistic community to pursue his life dreams in the arts. A well-rounded artist, Dee has been singing and dancing since the age of five, drawing and writing since seven, and now as a young adult of 18, is finding success in photography and modeling. Being a dancer, fashion designer, and so much more, Dee Wilson never tires to inspire others and be inspired. Throughout his run with singing/songwriting, Dee’s R&B-influenced style has been compared to Kid Cudi, B.o.B and Fonzworth Bentley and his sound can be found on YMR’s 2010 mixtape Run This Town. As an LGBQT activist and leader in his community, Dee will be remembered for his familiar smile, his willingness to connect to those around him, and his seriousness about his craft and art. Keep your eyes peeled for him in the future, as he plans to continue competing in dance competitions, writing, recording music, and designing fashion!

Watch the video before to hear more about Dee in his own words continue reading the rest of the blog for some fun facts!

February 14th, 2011

Member of the Month - February 2011

By Tania Pulido

During the month of February, love is being celebrated all over the country. Here at YMR, we are highlighting the legacy of a youth whose big heart touched our community. Tyree Brown had an unforgettable smile with a personality to match. He was involved in the Media, Arts, & Culture Program (MAC) at the RYSE Center in Richmond, California. For about a year and a half, Tyree worked tirelessly as a rapper, audio engineer, and producer. Unfortunately, Tyree recently passed away just weeks before his 17th birthday. In honor of Tyree Brown, please check out the video as he is remembered by Fred Thomas, MAC Program Coordinator at RYSE!

January 17th, 2011

Member of the Month - January 2011

By Tania Pulido

Happy New Year! As 2011 unfolds, talent at Youth Movement Records continues to grow. With the new year rolling in, many of us are still thinking about our resolutions but Ben White a three-year member of YMR is fulfilling his long-time dreams of becoming an MC, Producer and DJ. His involvement with YMR has opened up many opportunities to learn and develop his skills. Now at the age of 21, Ben's single "How Much I've Grown" reflects on his growth by emphasizing both his past and future. While his stage name "Watzreal" was originally a just screen name for an online poker game, don't be fooled-- he is no joke. His dedication has got him successfully to his 3rd year at San Francisco State University, studying Child & Adolescent Development, and made him this month's Member Of The Month!

Name: Watzreal
Age: 21
Craft: MC, Producer, DJ
Loves: Old school hip hop, Listening to undiscovered talent, Working with children, Learning unconventional information, ReverbNation, Chegg, My girlfriend Rowena and our cat Riley
Hates: H.A.M., Olives, Heavy Metal, Tuition Fees
Inspirations: My parents as well as my fans
Something Weird: My rap name was originally a screen name for online poker

Ben's talent surprisingly emerged from promoting other artists' music. It was through that process and with the help of a friend that he discovered the many talents he now shares with all of us. Watzreal uses his music to express himself to the world with lyrics of intelligence, a style he proudly owns. Ben's music is inspired by rappers such as Jay-Z, NAS, Eminem, and Rakim, as well as some underground artists. What sets Watzreal's music apart is the challenge he rises to creatively write about his life versus the all-too-common themes in mainstream hip hop such as sex, women and money. Ben continuously thrives to improve his craft, not only for himself, but the people in his community and his loved ones.

December 08th, 2010

Member of the Month - December 2010

By Emily Moldenhauer

Happy Holidays Everyone! and Season’s Greetings from YMR..
As November has come and gone, and the Fall season is coming to an end, it’s about that time again for another edition of Youth Movement Records’ MEMBER OF THE MONTH; a relatively new monthly feature where we recognize and honor members who are positively contributing to the life, art, and flavor of this organization. We started off with the rapper/emcee, Miss LLDB back in October, then shined the light on the mad beat-making and engineering skills of Sir Alex Wesley aka Fat Boi (or Snacks) for November... and this month, for December, we’re dedicating to paying our respects to the activist, community leader, and beautiful soul of the East Bay, Tania Pulido!!! To find out more information about Tania read her bio below or check out her video interview made by the media makers and soul-shakers of YMR!

NAME: Tania Pulido
AGE: 21 years old
CRAFT: Video Producer, Social Documentarian, Community Activist
LOVES: Gardening, long skirts, her community, grass-roots organizing
HATES: Evil oil companies (such as Chevron) who pollute under-resourced communities
INSPIRATIONS: Amy Goodman, and all grass-roots social activists
SOMETHING WEIRD: She is a master hula-hooper

Born and raised in Richmond, California, Tania Pulido was what some may have referred to as an “at risk youth" back in her teenage years. But when the reality of Richmond’s toxic climate crisis (which was causing high rates of sickness and poor health within the community) became too real to ignore, she dedicated her life to stopping environmental and social injustice, and began using the art of activism to uplift herself. Now an activist, organizer, and leader in her community, she currently is working as Program Coordinator at Urban Tilth, (a Richmond non-profit manifesting a more sustainable and just food system). Tania went from being a youth participant to receiving a leadership position on staff at YMR’s sister organization, RYSE Center, as a Media and Arts assistant program coordinator. It was through this position that she joined us here at YMR-Oakland as a program assistant.

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November 10th, 2010

Member of the Month - November 2010

By Emily Moldenhauer

Hello WORLD! Greetings from Youth Movement Records and its beloved city, Oakland! Here we are, back again with another installment of YMR’s Member Of The Month; a feature where we recognize and honor the young artists, participants and members involved who are consistently contributing, shining, and keeping this youth movement alive and going! Youth Movement Records exists as a home for Bay Area youth to come and use music and art as an outlet, turn that outlet into a voice, and use their voices to empower themselves and their community. Yes, this is a new generation of soul-shakers, life-changers, and ground-breakers... which is why YMR would like to take the opportunity to recognize youth who are making strides and holding it down for Oakland, for all that is... which is dope!

Please check out some words and the VIDEO INTERVIEW (find it by clicking on "Read More" below) of this next featured Member of the Month, and see how he is using his art to uplift himself and is positively representing Oakland with his dope music. Without further ado... Ladies n’ Gents, meet Alex.

WHO: Alexander Wesley
STAGE NAMES: Fat Boi aka FB, and Snacks
AGE: 18 years
CRAFT: Producer, Beat Maker, Studio Engineer
INFLUENCES: Ryan Leslie, Issac Hayes, Will Bracy, and his Grandma; Audrey Wesley
MUSIC GROUP: New Generation Music (a.k.a. NewGen)
SOMETHING WEIRD: Alex was born premature and his birth weight was the same as his birthday! (No Joke- Weight: 2 pounds, 6 ounces. Birthday: 2/6/92) ... Some say Alex is a walking miracle.


They say that some do it for the money, some do it for the fame, but some do it for the music because the rest is just a game.

Alex is definitely one of those who is truly in it for the music, and you can tell just by listening to the way he talks about making a beat or mixing a song in the studio. A Bay Area native raised in Oakland, California, Alex grew up with a passion for art and music, but lacked the creative environment to pursue his passion seriously. His grandmother introduced him to the piano and drawing at a young age, but it wasn’t until he stumbled upon Youth Movement Records around 2 years ago that he was able to find a creative, supportive space and community in which he could distinguish and advance in two of his greatest talents; beat-making and audio-engineering. A high school graduate of Oakland School for the Arts, a YMR All-Star, and now a student of Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, Alex continues to progress as an artist and leader at YMR and in his community. Alex continues to contribute to our organization by working in YMR’s studio; recording, mixing and mastering our artists’ songs, and also by providing YMR artists and video projects with so many hot instrumental beats to choose from that we couldn’t even count if we tried. Check out one of YMR’s newest projects which Alex’s beats were featured on.... our Job Corps Promo Video... and DON’T MISS HIS VIDEO INTERVIEW (Click "Read More" to find it below)!!!

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October 04th, 2010

Member of the Month - October 2010

By Emily Moldenhauer

All over the world young people are feeling it. It’s the bounce in their step, the sensation in their fingers... it’s that passion...that feeling that there is no other time but RIGHT NOW to make life into art and share that art with the world. Beginning this month, Youth Movement Records will be creating a MONTHLY feature to recognize the young and fresh-minded artists, members, and participants who are actively and positively using art as an outlet and a tool for empowerment. Props to those keeping this youth movement alive - this is what Youth Movement Records lives for! Check out a few words about this month’s artist and DON’T MISS the video interview to really pick up the swag that this artist is putting down.. oh Yes folks, its LLDBL

WHO: Alexis Johnson
STAGE NAME: LLDBL (stands for Lil’ Lex Da Beast Loyal)
AGE: 15 years old
GENRE: Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop
INFLUENCES: Eminem and Ryan Peters
COMPARED TO: “a female version of Lil Wayne” - YMR freestyle instructor Dose One
SOMETHING WEIRD: She is deathly allergic to ALL fruits (as in she hates them)

Born and raised in East Oakland, Alexis has lived and breathed hip-hop and what it means to grow up in the struggle. Aspiring to be a female emcee in the male-dominated rap game, Alexis has felt forces pushing against her for all of her life and has continued to develop as an individual and an artist. Alexis is committed to staying positive and uses YMR as a space to tell her story through song. In her 2 years here at YMR, Alexis has been involved in workshops, video production projects, recording, and two of her songs have been featured on YMR’s first installation of the Run This Town mixtape (to be released this November). She is also presently working on completing her first solo project (stay tuned for details). Alexis describes YMR as a home away from home, and talks about her music as being raw and real....