March 04th, 2011

First Youth Open Mic at the Starry Plough a Success!

On Tuesday, March 1st, the artist development workshop represented for the YMR crew at the first of many youth open mics to take place at the Starry Plough in Berkeley. Everyone had a great time, and artists of all ages came together to support creative expression. Check out a few of the pictures from the event & try to make it to the next one on March 15th!

Shout out to Kelleth Chinn of Rolling Jack Records for putting this together and taking some amazing photos!

December 08th, 2010

Event Budgeting Company Meeting

By Emily Moldenhauer

What’s up YMR fam! Hope this fall season has been fun, productive, and positive for you... This past week we had our last Company Meeting of this Fall Season and we’re here to sum it up for you in case you missed it! You can thank us later :) Check it out..

*The meeting went a lil’ something like this* :

It was a Monday evening on December 6th, 2010.We all filed into the Band Room here at YMR and grubbed on some fine dining (aka the usual Company Meeting snacks; chips and juice boxes). The topic for this Monday’s meeting was EVENT BUDGETING so to get our clocks tickin' in the right direction, our Check-in Question was to describe either what we'd do if we won the lottery, or to describe an event that we’ve been to that was whack and why. Then we went onto the “What’s New?” status updates here at YMR and then learned about all the different terms and definitions having to do with Budgeting for Events before getting deeper into the meeting, by working on a budget for YMR Spring Mixtape Release Event! Using an online spreadsheet projected on the wall, we as a group collectively learned how to budget for the future event! It was very informative and helpful for all of us art-appreciating people who wish to plan events in the future. For a better idea as to how it all went check out some Power Point slides of notes from the Company Meeting below!

December 03rd, 2010

Event Production Company Meeting

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday last week! We got back on Monday, November 29th and had our regular company meeting, with a focus on Event Production.

We kicked off the meeting with a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament as our icebreaker. Shout out to Elijah Dunn for winning! We then moved on to our weekly status updates on key projects, before discussing questions for the next Member of the Month - Tania Pulido. For our "Did You Know" segment, we highlighted the definition of a film treatment, and the North Pacific Garbage Patch! For the Event Planning 101 portion of the company meeting, we discussed event production in terms of the following elements: Event title and description, Date, Objectives, Venue, Demographic, Marketing Strategy,
Expenses & Budgeting, and Evaluation.

Check out the PowerPoint slides below for details! If you click to view the slides on, you'll also have the option to download the original PowerPoint file for all of the notes as well.

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