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March 08th, 2011

Company Meeting Recap: Creating Your Vision

Yesterday, during the second company meeting of the spring programming season we discussed the concept of creating a vision.

We stressed the importance of planning and remembering what's most important to each of us. After handling our general housekeeping & updates we started off by each sharing a future goal or objective we hoped to achieve within the next 5 years. The main activity for the evening was to start creating our own physical vision board using images, words, and phrases from magazines to depict the lives we wanted to live. The idea behind creating a vision board is that when people surround themselves with images of who they want to become, what they want to have, where they want to live, or vacation, etc. their lives change to match those images and those desires. With such an ambitious and talented group of youth in YMR, we thought it would be key to support each other in making our goals not only more clear & specific, but more vivid as well.

Below are some resources for finding more about vision boards and instructions to create your own.

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March 04th, 2011

Company Meeting Recap: What is YMR to you?

During the company meeting on Monday, February 28th our focus was "What is YMR to you?" We welcomed a few special guests to join us-- consultants from The Berkeley Group (TBG). TBG is an organization at Cal that is currently working with YMR to strengthen its operations and further develop its brand. We spent the duration of the company meeting talking about what YMR means to each of us, reminiscing on the past, and sharing our visions for the future of Youth Movement Records.

The Wordle diagram below illustrates some of the words people shared about YMR.

December 08th, 2010

Event Budgeting Company Meeting

By Emily Moldenhauer

What’s up YMR fam! Hope this fall season has been fun, productive, and positive for you... This past week we had our last Company Meeting of this Fall Season and we’re here to sum it up for you in case you missed it! You can thank us later :) Check it out..

*The meeting went a lil’ something like this* :

It was a Monday evening on December 6th, 2010.We all filed into the Band Room here at YMR and grubbed on some fine dining (aka the usual Company Meeting snacks; chips and juice boxes). The topic for this Monday’s meeting was EVENT BUDGETING so to get our clocks tickin' in the right direction, our Check-in Question was to describe either what we'd do if we won the lottery, or to describe an event that we’ve been to that was whack and why. Then we went onto the “What’s New?” status updates here at YMR and then learned about all the different terms and definitions having to do with Budgeting for Events before getting deeper into the meeting, by working on a budget for YMR Spring Mixtape Release Event! Using an online spreadsheet projected on the wall, we as a group collectively learned how to budget for the future event! It was very informative and helpful for all of us art-appreciating people who wish to plan events in the future. For a better idea as to how it all went check out some Power Point slides of notes from the Company Meeting below!

December 03rd, 2010

Event Production Company Meeting

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday last week! We got back on Monday, November 29th and had our regular company meeting, with a focus on Event Production.

We kicked off the meeting with a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament as our icebreaker. Shout out to Elijah Dunn for winning! We then moved on to our weekly status updates on key projects, before discussing questions for the next Member of the Month - Tania Pulido. For our "Did You Know" segment, we highlighted the definition of a film treatment, and the North Pacific Garbage Patch! For the Event Planning 101 portion of the company meeting, we discussed event production in terms of the following elements: Event title and description, Date, Objectives, Venue, Demographic, Marketing Strategy,
Expenses & Budgeting, and Evaluation.

Check out the PowerPoint slides below for details! If you click to view the slides on, you'll also have the option to download the original PowerPoint file for all of the notes as well.

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November 18th, 2010

Independent Labels vs Major Labels Company Meeting

The last company meeting on Monday, November 15th engaged attendees in a discussion about independent labels versus signing with a major label.

Regardless of how you choose to progress your music career, branding is important. Your image is how the public perceives your act, based on all the information they are given about you over time -- your music, your look, your attitude, your album artwork and merchandise style, your political opinions (or lack thereof), etc. Imaging is the process of building and reinforcing this image over the years (hence, branding).

November 12th, 2010

Online Marketing Company Meeting

The focus of the Company Meeting November 8th was Online Marketing. We got the energy going with an impromptu "Teach Me How to Dougie" session courtesy of the Cali Swag District music video as our icebreaker. (Don't worry- we laughed too)

We also discussed how we each keep up with our favorite artists these days. Some of the sources mentioned were blogs, Twitter, Facebook,, radio personalities, the artist website, E! News, YouTube, and other social media.

Special guest Jake Schoneker from UC Berkeley's School of Journalism joined us to talk about a new partnership we're developing with KDOL. YMR will be working to generate more segments that combine news and music for the TV station. The project is tentatively called "MuseVideo."

We went over some slides courtesy of Daniel Aguayo of about marketing for artists in this digital age. This was important because without marketing you don't have a business, you cant make sales, can’t develop a fanbase or database, and you will not have a long term income. It’s essential for any artist to market their music if they want to make money in the long run. Check out the PowerPoint slides below for information on the state of the digital union, anatomy of a modern musician, fans, building your dream team, generating revenue, and stocking your digital toolbox with all the essentials.

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November 05th, 2010

Mixtape Release Company Meeting

Hello beautiful people of Oakland, my name is Tania and I am going to break down our last Youth Movement Record company meeting for those who missed out! We started the first day of November listening to the Youth Movement Records mixtape that was recorded this past spring. The meeting was oriented around mixtapes, from defining a mixtape, the differences between mixtapes and albums, mixtape strategies and critically analyzing our own.

What is your favorite mixtape? Was one of the questions asked to start the momentum, Drake- So Far Gone mixtape was very popular amongst folks. What is a mixtape? It’s a compilation of songs that are recorded and show the artist style and ability. What is the difference between a mixtape and an album? A mixtape is typically used for promotional purposes, and can include freestyles over another rapper's beat, remixes, and songs not found on the major release, or album. What are mixtape strategies? In the words of one of the hottest cats out there, Drake, "A mixtape can't be the songs that don't make your album, or songs that aren't good enough to make your album make your mixtape…

October 29th, 2010

Music Publishing & Copyright Company Meeting

Monday, October 25th we welcomed Claytoven Richardson and Larry Batiste to speak to the crew about music publishing and copyrights. Larry and Claytoven are longtime supporters of Youth Movement Records and were the 2 dynamic individuals that helped YMR pioneer our Musical Mentoring Project in 2009, which culminated in the production of Pure Delite.

The company meeting was very well attended and we started our discussion by posing a question to the group -- "Who do you think makes more money -- Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey? Why?" as our icebreaker. We then discussed the different streams of income for each artist, as a segue to the benefits of writing and performing your own music.

We talked about songs as property and protecting your property through the process of copyright. Our guests also answered questions about how artists/writers get paid, how collaborations work, and the role of a publisher.

For some of the topics addressed in video form, check out these short clips we found on YouTube:

For some of the notes, check out the amended PowerPoint Presentation, below:

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October 22nd, 2010

Music & Politics Company Meeting

Monday, October 18th the focus of our Company Meeting was Music & Politics. We talked about how we each define “politics" and how it relates to music and our community. A good point of discussion was the power attached to the control of money in society.

Check out this playlist embedded below to watch some of the videos we compiled for the meeting!

The first features Lupe Fiasco speaking out against Atlantic Records about 360 Deals and pushing his new album... another way politics and music collide, and in this case one that's detrimental for Lupe as an artist and his fans. This was part of a keynote address that Lupe Fiasco gave at The Second Regional Academic and Cultural Collaborative in Dayton, OH earlier this month.

September 24th, 2010

Tips For a Successful Photo Shoot

What's up Everybody!
It has been a successful first week of programming here at YMR but like always WE WANT TO SEE MORE OF YOUR FACES AT WORKSHOPS! Just a reminder that THIS NEXT MONDAY we are having a photo shoot during our Company Meeting, this Monday 9/27!


1. BE PROMPT!!!: Photographers love when they can start and end on time.
Makes working go smoother

2. Communication: Explain to the photographer what your vision is so that
he/ she could best get your point across as close as possible and maybe even
exactly how you want it.

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