YMR 1-on-1 with member AJ (2009)

1-on-1 interview with YMR participant, AJ, about his involvement with the organization, including a summer trip to represent YMR in Detroit at the Annual Allied Media Conference.

Comments about YMR's 'Pure Delite' Showcase, May 8th, 2009

"The show was great. It made me feel like I was watching the movie 'Fame'. Definitely YMR version 3.0. The Fox is great."

Bob (YMR Board Member)

Story about YMR's Bread & Roses performance, June 25th, 2009

As I was packing up the PA after a wonderful show put on by Youth Movement Records very own Andrea and Reyna, a young man approached me and said, “I was in a bad mood and I did NOT want to come to this show, but boy am I happy I did.” Another young man shouted out “They ROCK!” This is the type of responses generated from their heartfelt music. With an array of original songs created from real life experiences and an honesty that resonated with the audience, these young ladies were able to inspire their peers in a way that was lasting.

Lisa Starbird
Bread & Roses Program Assistant

Comment on YMR's 'Pure Delite' Showcase, May 8th, 2009

"Wow, what an amazing night, Chris! Your students were outstanding. I was so impressed. Such talent, it was quite mind-blowing.

We all ha a great time, and thank you ever so much again for the accommodations. Hope you had a great, restful weekend and congratulations on such a successful event.

All the best,

Katie Cleland
Chapter Assistant , San Francisco
The Recording Academy (Grammy's)